3 on 3 NHL Arcade sur XBOX 360

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3 on 3 NHL Arcade (360)
3 on 3 NHL Arcade (360)


Over And Out (10) - Hit a player over the boards

Laser Beam (10) - Score two goals with the Super Shot Powerup in one game

Double Up (10) - Score two goals using the Double Score Powerup in one game

Brick Wall (20) - Win a game without being scored on

Team Player (50) - Play a quick ranked match with 2 guests

Let's Play (10) - Play an online game

Trickster (20) - Score a goal using a trick move

Ice Man (10) - Score two goals while an opponent is frozen in one game

Super Speed (10) - Score two goals with a Super Speed Powerup in one game

Juggernaut (10) - Score two goals with a Big Player Powerup in one game

Score Big (20) - Score at least 10 goals in one game

Race To Victory (20) - Win a game to at least 15 goals

-- LilGuigui

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