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  • MediaWiki: 1.11.1
  • PHP: 5.3.10-1ubuntu3.20 (apache2handler)
  • MySQL: 5.5.44-0ubuntu0.12.04.1


Special pages
AddRelationshipA special page for adding friends/foe requests for existing users in the wikiDavid Pean
Contribution Scores (version 1.10)Polls wiki database for highest user contribution volumeTim Laqua
GroupPermissions Manager (version 2.0)Manage group permissions via a special pageRyan Schmidt
Permissions (version [ (2005-08-05 11:24))]Marc Meurrens, Brussels (be)
PopulateExistingUsersProfilesA special page for initializing social profiles for existing wikisDavid Pean
RemoveAvatarA special page for removing users' avatarsDavid Pean
RemoveRelationshipA special page for removing existing friends/foes for the current logged in userDavid Pean
SendBoardBlast A special page to allow users to send a mass board message by selecting from a list of their friends and foesDavid Pean
Special:GoogleSitemap (version 0.0.5)Adds a special page to create a XML Google Sitemap file, along with some reporting.François Boutines-Vignard
ToggleUserPageA special page for updating a user's userpage preferenceDavid Pean
TopUsersAdds a special page for viewing the list of users with the most points.David Pean
UpdateProfileA special page to allow users to update their social profileDavid Pean
UploadAvatarA special page for uploading AvatarsDavid Pean
UserBoardDisplay User Board messages for a userDavid Pean
UserRightsList (version 0.22)list-based user rights managementJim Hu
ViewRelationshipRequestsA special page for viewing open relationship requests for the current logged in userDavid Pean
ViewRelationshipsA special page for viewing all relationships by typeDavid Pean
Parser hooks
CategorySuggest (version 1.1)Adds a Google Suggest-like category input box/typeahead functionality to the edit page.Andreas Rindler <mediawiki at jenandi dot com
DPLforum (version 3.2)DPL-based forum extensionRoss McClure
DynamicPageList2 (version 1.6.5)based on DynamicPageList, featuring many improvementsIlyaHaykinson, Amgine,Unendlich, Cyril Dangerville,Algorithmix
EmailForm (version 0.8)Inserts a form mailer into a pageEric Hartwell
InputboxAllow inclusion of predefined HTML forms.Erik Moeller, Leonardo Pimenta and Rob Church
LinkedImageAllows client-side clickable images with custom link targets etc. using <linkedimage> tagAlexander Kraus and Alan Trick
RSS feed (version 18.06.2008)Displays an RSS feed on a wiki pagemutante, Duesentrieb, Rdb, Mafs, Alxndr and Wikinaut
Simple Forms (version 0.4.6, 2007-11-08)Functions to make and process forms.User:Nad
VideoFlashVideoFlash (YouTube, GoogleVideo, Dailymotion, sevenload...)Alberto Sarullo
ConfirmEditSimple captcha implementationBrion Vibber
DiscussionThreadingAdd Threading to discussion (talk) pagesJack D. Pond
FCKeditor extension (version fckeditor/mw-extension $Rev$ 2008)FCKeditor (inspired by the code written by Mafs [Meta])
Google Analytics Integration (version 2.0)Inserts Google Analytics script (ga.js) in to MediaWiki pages for tracking.Tim Laqua
Google Site Search 1.2Uses Google to search the wiki, instead of MediaWiki's own search function (not affiliated in any way with Google, Inc.)Ryan Finnie
SearchSuggest (version 0.2)Ajax-based Search Suggest that places results below search bar.Adam Meyer
SocialProfile (version 1.1)A set of Social Tools for MediaWikiWikia, Inc. (Aaron Wright, David Pean)
UniversalEditButtonAdds HTML header <link> to support Universal Edit Button browser extension.Brion Vibber and Danny B.
Yahoo! User Interface LibraryA set of utilities and controls, written in JavaScriptYahoo! Inc.
Extension functions
ceSetup, wfLinkedImage, efInputBoxSetup, efDiscussionThreadSetup, (, setup), wfSpecialPermissions, wfSetupSimpleForms, wfEmailFormExtension, efGPManager, wfAjaxSearch, wfVideoFlash, fnCategorySuggest, efContributionScores_Setup, wfExtensionSpecialGoogleSitemap, wfRssExtension, wfDPLforum, wfYUI and wfUserProfileReadLang
Parser extension tags
<linkedimage>, <inputbox>, <dpl>, <section>, <emailform>, <videoflash>, <rss>, <forum> and <pre>
Parser function hooks
dplchapter, dplmatrix, dpl, form, input, request, cscore, forumlink, int, ns, urlencode, lcfirst, ucfirst, lc, uc, localurl, localurle, fullurl, fullurle, formatnum, grammar, plural, numberofpages, numberofusers, numberofarticles, numberoffiles, numberofadmins, numberofedits, language, padleft, padright, anchorencode, special, defaultsort and displaytitle


Hook nameSubscribed by
AbortLogin(SimpleCaptcha, confirmUserLogin)
AbortNewAccount(SimpleCaptcha, confirmUserCreate)
CustomEditor(FCKeditor_MediaWiki, onCustomEditor)
EditFilter(SimpleCaptcha, confirmEdit)
EditPage::attemptSaveefStampReply and (, )
EditPage::showEditForm:fields(FCKeditor_MediaWiki, onEditPageShowEditFormFields)
EditPage::showEditForm:initialefDiscussionThread, efDiscussionThreadEdit, (FCKeditor_MediaWiki, onEditPageShowEditFormInitial) and (, )
EditPageBeforeConflictDiff(FCKeditor_MediaWiki, onEditPageBeforeConflictDiff)
EditPageBeforePreviewText(FCKeditor_MediaWiki, onEditPageBeforePreviewText)
EditPagePreviewTextEnd(FCKeditor_MediaWiki, onEditPagePreviewTextEnd)
LanguageGetMagicExtDynamicPageList2__languageGetMagic, wfSimpleFormsLanguageGetMagic, (FCKeditor_MediaWiki, onLanguageGetMagic), efContributionScores_LanguageGetMagic and wfDPLmagic
LoadAllMessagesUserRightsList::loadMessages and fnCategorySuggestMessageHook
LoginAuthenticateAudit(SimpleCaptcha, triggerUserLogin)
MessagesPreLoad(FCKeditor_MediaWiki, onMessagesPreLoad)
ParserAfterTidy(FCKeditor_MediaWiki, onParserAfterTidy)
ParserBeforeInternalParse(FCKeditor_MediaWiki, onParserBeforeInternalParse)
SanitizerAfterFixTagAttributes(FCKeditor_MediaWiki, onSanitizerAfterFixTagAttributes)
UploadForm:BeforeProcessing(, 1)
UploadForm:initial(, 1)
UserCreateForm(SimpleCaptcha, injectUserCreate)
UserLoginForm(SimpleCaptcha, injectUserLogin)
UserToggles(FCKeditor_MediaWiki, onUserToggles)
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